Prepare yourself financially

You will need money in your fight against critical illnesses like heart disease, cancer, kidney failure and many more. Such illnesses require treatments which can be quite expensive and can put a strain on your family's finances.

With the right financial planning, you can easily meet the high costs of health care and opt for the best treatment. You can also recover with ease, without worrying about your family’s day-to-day expenses. More importantly, it will ensure that you do not have to break the savings that you had kept aside for your family’s future and they can continue pursuing their dreams as you had planned.

Choose eIA. Choose complete protection.

To ensure complete protection for your loved ones, it is advisable to convert your life insurance policies into an Electronic Insurance Account (eIA). This is an account where you can store all your policies in one place in e-format. Its key benefits are:

  • store

    You can store and manage papers of
    all your life insurance policies across
    insurance companies.
  • contact

    You can update your contact
    details (phone number, address
    etc.) for all your policies at one
  • policy

    Your policy documents
    stay protected from mishaps
    like fire, flood etc. thus
    ensuring that your loved
    ones’ future stays protected.
  • access

    You can give easy access to someone
    you trust, to ensure that after you, your
    loved ones receive the benefits you had
    planned for them.